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In Appointment Scheduling module, under Appointments List tab on the left side we have a filter tree in which different services provided by the hospitals like Medical, Psychology,Physiotherapy etc. are grouped as different teams. The users can select the services from different teams and apply these filters. Based on the filter selections, the calendar/List view gets updated with the scheduling details.

The filter tree structure appears in expanded view by default. When the services list grouped under each team is high in number, it creates an inconvenience to the user as he/she needs to scroll through the entire list for selecting the services. So it has been proposed to change the Filter tree structure to appear in collapsed form by default

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Acceptance Criteria

Given that I am a Receptionist/Provider, When i want to view/schedule an appointment in the Appointment List tab, then the filter tree on the left should appear collapsed when this tab is opened for the first time in a session by clicking on the Appointment schedule app from Home page of Bahmni.

If the user has expanded the filter tree and started making selections and if the user moves to summary tab and come back to appointment list tab, the default view - collapsed view should be displayed

Every time the appointment list is accessed by clicking on the Appointment scheduling app in home page, then the filter tree should appear in collapsed form

In the appointment List tab, if the user clicks on Add new appointment,List view, calendar view, Today, Week , Day and Weekly Dates at the centre, the filter selection and view should not be modified

For Search option at the top of the filter tree, on searching it should display the results in expanded form. Say if the user searches for Social worker, then the social worker under different team should be displayed in expanded view so that the user can make the selection easily

This feature of displaying the filter tree in collapsed view should be a configurable one. and the name of the configuration should be collapseServiceFilter. When the value for this configuration is set true, only then all the behaviours explained above should be applicable.

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Sneha Bagri
September 13, 2019, 5:04 AM

Find the documentation here -

Sneha Bagri
September 13, 2019, 5:12 AM

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Himabindu Thungathurty
October 10, 2020, 10:29 AM

Not able to merge the PR raised to default-config as it has conflicts. As its a small change it can be directly added to master branch

"collapseServiceFilter": false,

But in code we are giving default value as ‘0' instead of 'false’. We need to see whether false works or not before adding commit to master branch




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