[FormBuilder] Able to view and edit forms on the patient dashboard


As a user
I want to view and edit the details in the forms from the display control or dashboard
So that I do not need to navigate to the forms, to view/edit the relevant patient details.

Description :

This functionality already exists in Forms 1.0 and needs to be available in Forms 2.0. When a user clicks on view details, a popup with all the obs values that have been filled in for the form can be viewed.
And similarly, when the user clicks on the edit details, a pop-up with the ability to edit the values in the form. This is useful, so the user does not need to navigate to the form for that patient and then view the details.

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Icons on the forms display control, which on being clicked opens up the form with the mapped values

2. View all obs values mapped to a patient for a particular form

3. View obs and obs values that have been filled, hide all other obs values

4. Indentation in the view display interface to communicate the hierarchy in the information captured

5. Show all the fields available in the form with corresponding values (filled and not filled)

6. The user can change the existing obs values for concepts in the form

7. Enable saving of the form once values have been edited

8. The database will save the latest value that has been inputted by the user after editing a form

9. Controls for the forms to add notes will be available, as in the existing form design

10. On clicking the hyperlink “Edit Forms” title, a view of all the encounters for the forms will be a list in an expanded view. You should be able to edit the form from the expanded view

In Scope:

  • In View pop-up, View patient details only for the fields that are filled in the form;

  • hide concepts with no obs values mapped for the patient.

  • In Edit pop-up, Save any changes to obs values made to the form in the database

  • Includes rendering with values, ability to edit and save again

Out of Scope:

  • In View pop-up, Pagination for forms display

  • In Edit pop-up, Supporting data for multiple versions of the form

Implementation Details

The user should be able to view and edit the formV2 forms on the dashboard, just in the way its now for form1.0

Link to PR
FormControls: https://github.com/Bahmni/form-controls/pull/5
OpenmrsBahmniApps: https://github.com/Bahmni/openmrs-module-bahmniapps/pull/230

FormControls has to merge first, OpenmrsBahmniApps has a dependency on FormControls.


Himabindu Akkinepalli
April 10, 2019, 10:25 AM

, has done devbox for this feature and did a code walkthrough and everything works fine. Can we go ahead and merge the PR ??

Angshuman Sarkar
August 28, 2019, 7:36 AM

Does it require any specific configuration is app.json?

Yalla Alekhya
August 28, 2019, 8:46 AM

Yes, we need to add form2.0 config. It should be in openmrs/apps/clinical/dashboard.json. Please find the config below.
"validationForms-2.0": {
"type": "formsV2",
"displayOrder": 9,
"dashboardConfig": {
"title": null,
"maximumNoOfVisits": 1
"formGroup": ['Patient History', 'First Stage Validation']




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