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[Forms 2.0] Support Obs to Obs Flowsheet for Forms 2.0


As a user,
I want to view a list of all the values within a form from the obs to obs display control
So that I can get a wholistic view of all the data that is recorded


The obs to obs flowsheet exists for Forms 1, and needs to be extended to include Forms 2.0. The display control has the ability to edit and view an expanded list of all values in a particular form from the display control. For instance, it can be used to view obs data of patients across forms in Month 1, Month 2, and so on. This pivot can happen on rows or columns


  • Support to display obs values will be provided only such that the concept appears in all the forms

  • It will be designed to be extendable such that if the concept does not appear in selective forms, it will appear only for those forms where it exists

  • Support for expanded view is inherently present for FormBuilder

Acceptance Criteria

  1. User should be able to configure concepts to be displayed as columns in the obs to obs flowsheet from Forms 2.0

  2. Validation of concepts configured such that it is included in all forms named

  3. Display all concepts in the expanded view of the form if the configuration of concepts is missing

  4. User can expand the view of the display control to view all values in the display control

  5. Display of newly edited values will be reflected in the expanded view of the display control

In Scope

  1. Expanded view of the form with all concepts

  2. Configuration of columns for expanded view to be provided

  3. Validation in case configuration is missing
    Out of Scope*

  1. View button of forms display control

  2. Backward compatibility to show concepts of Forms 1.0 and Forms 2.0. In case a Forms 1.0 concept does not exist, we don’t show any value i.e. a blank value

Implementation Steps:

Add a value in expanded config of obs to obs flowsheet to support multiple form names, under template name.

Create an api in ‘openmrs-module-bahmni.ie.apps’ to get concept names in a form, for a given list of forms.

Make call to the ‘obs to obs tabular api’ with the above concept names + the form names given in the expanded config of obs to obs flowsheet

The pivoted table should display in the same manner as form1.

Link to PR:

Bahmniapps ->

bahmni-core →

*Link to Documentation: *https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q3NRbbajsAjmVGSuRV_r-dT9dqhvU10KCN9x0ny0wzs/edit





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