Issues with the Forms 2.0



  • Table Name and Column names incorrectly reflected (Check the attachment: All labels come as Column2 name)

  • When a section is added, deleted and then again added - the obs values come twice

    • Reproduction Steps:
      1. Add a section
      2. Fill values and save
      2. Delete the section
      3. Add section again
      4. Fill the obs values
      5. Go to view in the forms display control dashboard

      Then, the obs values appear twice. This happens only when the section is deleted.

  • Multi-select observations get voided and created on every encounter save

    • Multi-select observations from forms 2.0 gets voided and created everytime irrespective of the change in selected values.

    • It makes obs_datetime in obs table is latest for every observation for a form even though you updated one or two obs.

    • It may have affect on reporting.

    • Reproduction steps:

      1. create a form with multi-select property in form builder.

      2. Save with some multi-select values

      3. Now don't change any values and click save

      4. You can see old values are voided and new obs are created in obs table

      5. You can repeat step-3 to observe the same behaviour

    • Expected behaviour: Since no change in values, obs shouldn't be voided.
      Actual behaviour: Old obs are voided and new obs are created.

  • Format not aligned for Coded answers

    • This seems like a CSS issue - where the formatting is messed up for all coded answers for Edit View from Forms Display Control.

      This is an issue with the Edit Page from Forms Display Control and in the Consultation page for Forms Display Control

    • Refer attachment


  • Handle multi select coded concepts in forms 2.0 View Interface:

    • Currently, multi-select observations not handled for forms 2.0 view interface. Multi-select observation answers are coming as two different observations and shown out of the form in view interface. They have to be a comma(,) separated included in form as in forms 1.0.

      In forms 1.0, they are fetching configuration for the concepts and handling multi-select. Similarly, in forms 2.0, we need to handle multi-select observations in view interface. All the multi-select observations need to be processed prior to being rendered.

  • Form Conditions - Show All Relevant Answers After Filling
    We configured observation forms with Forms 2.0 for our implementation. We have form conditions in forms where a concept is visible or hidden depending on the condition given. This feature is not working as expected with Forms 2.0

    Expected Result
    After i fill all the form conditions in an observation form and i save the form all the form conditions should be filled and visible

    Actual Result
    The form condition that is filled at the end is only visible after the form is saved and all the previous conditions are not visible

  • Steps to reproduce
    For Baseline HCV form, select "Other" for "Marital Status" and then fill text for "Other Marital Status" then
    For "Employed" concept select "Other" and fill text for "Other employment" and save the form
    After saving i should see text entered for both "Other Marital Status" and "Other employment" but i see text entered only for "Other employment" as that was filled last

    NOTE: Please refer to the screenshots

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