Adding a feature request in Bahmni

Bahmni team uses Atlassian JIRA to tracks bugs and features. If you wish to submit a feature request, the recommendation is:

  1. Create a discussion thread on Bahmni Talk Forum here: . This will allow for discussion / confirmation from community members and relevant feedback. Alternatively, you can also come on Bahmni slack chat and suggest the topic on #community channel. You will need to create a free OpenMRS userID for posting on Talk forum.

  2. Create a ticket in Jira (Product Team Board): . Ensure you apply the label 'product-team' to the ticket. You will need to create a free Atlassian account to log into JIRA.


How to submit a feature request?

  1. Go to the Bahmni Feature RoadMap Tracker  on Trello

  2. Copy the copy-this-template card.

  3. Add a subject and detailed description.

  4. Attach a file (optional).

  5. Press Create.

  6. Post the link in talk to start a discussion


Make sure your card is in the “Proposed Features” List

Feature idea guideline


  • The subject of the feature request should be as concise and crisp as possible.

**Proposed By**

This section has the names and email details of the proposer. We need your email details as we might have to come back to you with questions

**Proposed Feature**

This section consists of 3 parts. This is the most important part and helps us to understand the feature request and also help us to decide its priority. Most times a feature for an ongoing implementation takes priority over a feature that has no immediate usage

  1. Description

  • The feature description should be concise and expressive.

  • Describe the current behaviour if it is to be changed by the request.

  • Mention the reason why the change is relevant. Describe the associated use case.

  1. Why is this feature important?

  1. Target users of this feature: Who will use this feature

**Stakeholders and Analysis**

  1. Specific implementations or clients who would be early adopters/testers of this feature:

We prioritise features that are likely to be used over those that we think would be great to have in the product. We do this primarily to make sure what we are working on is valuable and also the product benefits from the feedback from users. 

Here usually people link to the talk thread where our feature discussions take place. See the example below 


Resources that you or your organization can provide to support the development of this feature (examples: software developers; business analysts; subject matter experts or end-users; funding). More support from you will increase our ability to develop this feature:



Example of a feature request

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