Diagnosis Data

Bahmni models the coded diagnosis using a set of concepts and concept sets.

To populate the Diagnosis field under the Diagnosis tab, the application looks for the concepts defined under the Parent concept set - "Diagnosis Set of Sets".

To classify the diagnoses into different groups, you could define multiple concept sets under the "Diagnosis Set of Sets". For example, You can put diagnoses of all communicable diseases under a concept set called "All Communicable Diseases".

FInd below a hierarchy of Diagnoses Concept sets.

Diagnosis Set of Sets

  • Diagnosis Concept Set 1
    • Diagnosis Concept 1
    • Diagnosis Concept 2
  • Diagnosis Concept Set 2
    • Diagnosis Concept 1
    • Diagnosis Concept 2

A Diagnosis concept can be mapped to a Reference term if needed.

For example: Measles can be mapped to ICD 10 B05 Code.

To do this, you should define the Concept Reference Terms before hand through Concept Reference Term Management (Administration > Manage Reference Terms).

You can create mapping by editing the corresponding concept and adding the new mapping to it.. Dictionary > Edit Concept.

Mapping only set of concepts as diagnosis

After creating "Diagnosis Set of Sets" concept (either by using CSV import or manually creating it in openmrs), make sure to add a global property with the name "emr.concept.diagnosisSetOfSets"  and the value as the uuid of "Diagnosis Set of Sets" concept

Setting up Diagnoses using CSV upload

The process explained above can be simplified by using the CSV upload feature. This is particularly useful if you have to define diagnoses in bulk.

Use the CSV upload feature at Bahmni > Administration > CSV Upload 

  1. Create and upload the Concept Reference Terms.
     While uploading, choose the option for Concept Reference Term 
    Sample file:  Diagnosis_Reference_Terms.csv
  2. Create and upload the Diagnosis concepts.
    While uploading, choose the option for Concept
    Sample file:  Diagnosis_concepts.csv
  3. Create and upload the Diagnosis concept sets.
    While uploading, choose the option for Concepts Set
    Sample file: Diagnosis_concept_sets.csv