Bahmni Tele-consultation Feature

About the Feature

The Bahmni tele-consultation feature release is set of artefacts that can be deployed/installed on an existing Bahmni system using 0.92 version. These artefacts would enable the healthcare professionals using bahmni to schedule video tele-consultation appointments.

See this documentation page too:

Features List

  • Scheduling video tele-consultation appointments

  • Send appointment confirmation and link to patient’s email address.


  • Start tele-consulatation from patient dashboard.


Video Demo




  • To rollback, manually deploy back the old artefacts.

  • This feature is completely supports rollback.


Steps to deploy Tele-consultation feature

  1. Install Bahmni version 0.92

  2. Download appointment omod and place it in /opt/openmrs/modules/ directory

    #Download appoitment omod yum install mv appointments-1.2.3.omod /opt/openmrs/modules/ chown bahmni:bahmni /opt/openmrs/modules/appointments-1.2.3.omod
  3. Download, unzip and place it in /var/www/ replacing the existing bahmniapps

    #Download yum install unzip -d bahmniapps mv bahmniapps /var/www/ chown bahmni:bahmni /var/www/bahmniapps


Next Steps:
These are manual steps to be done, in order to see some tele-consultation configurations in bahmni_config.

  1. In file /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/customDisplayControl/js/customControl.js under directive patientAppointmentsDashboard , where we have

    $q.all([getUpcomingAppointments(), getPastAppointments()]).then(function (response) { $scope.upcomingAppointments = response[0].data; $scope.upcomingAppointmentsHeadings = _.keys($scope.upcomingAppointments[0]); $scope.pastAppointments = response[1].data; $scope.pastAppointmentsHeadings = _.keys($scope.pastAppointments[0]); }); $scope.goToListView = function () { $'/bahmni/appointments/#/home/manage/appointments/list'); };

    replace the following

  2. In the file /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/customDisplayControl/views/patientAppointmentsDashboard.html, the the following header and its content:




  1. Modify file /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/app.json add the following:

    • under config/attributes:

  • under fieldValidations add


How To Setup Email System

  1. Create a file called in /opt/openmrs/

  2. Have the following contents in the file and update the contents to the email server properties.


This link can help setup personal gmail account for email system.

3. If the send email functionality is turned off for tele-consulation, on click of Check and Save button it will display the below warning on the UI

set bahmni.appointment.teleConsultation.sendEmail true in OpenMRS global property to enable the send email functionality.

Fall back mechanism (To restore the system back to original state before tele-consultation feature was installed)

  1. Before proceeding with the installation steps take the backup of the following:

    1. appointments omod in /opt/openmrs/modules/ folder.

    2. bahmniapps directory under /var/www/ folder.

    3. bahmni_config directory under /var/www/ folder

  2. If you want to revert the feature, please restore the above backups of appointments omod, bahmniapps and bahmni_config directories and restart openmrs service.

Configuring Teleconsultation Server

You may configure the server URL pattern for the teleconsultation link.

Go to : /Administration => Advance Settings, and edit the property

The placeholder {0} above is replaced with a unique id for the teleconsultation link.

By default the above uses jitsi demo server, which you should absolutely change for production. Either use a self hosted service or use a paid - jitsi as a service.

Please refer to the following documentation if you want to host your own JITSI server.

Detailed guide -

On Docker -


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