Roadmap Review Meeting - June 11th 2015



  • Devices requested (chromebook not good, thin pc is better)
  • Hope - Branches would provide faster turnaround
  • Order fulfillment for JSS is focused only on lab (OpenELIS)
  • Sushma suggests Arjun to take a build this week to test it on pre-prod (0.73)
  • Pankaj asks help from Arjun to pickups (via Sushil)


  • Release 2 was separated in two parts
    • First part end of June
    • Second part end of July
    • Stories are updated in Trello
  • Meeting SEARCH guys next week
    • Pankaj will understand some needs on clinical
    • Mahesh will be also there, so Pankaj will understand more details on collecting distributed data from the field
    • Pankaj sent a mail about documentation needs of SEARCH. We probably need to create it on wiki and they will copy it for future use (when internet is not available)


  • Bharat is traveling for Hemalkasa. Mujir/Pankaj are touching basis with him
  • Emerson will add Sushma/Pankaj on the plan that Mujir created


  • Planning on the pilot: July 1st - 15th. Still waiting for the approval
    • Includes cloud based Bahmni and lab
    • Bahmni Core Team still have around 15 cards to deliver, but they’re being work only on one stream


  • Pankaj shared some info from the demo. They need a ballpark before moving forward with more analysis
  • More details to come


Action Items 

  • Arjun/ Akhil Malhotra/ Abhinav Peddada/ Vivek Singh: may discuss on ways to presenting the data - when it makes sense to be graphs vs tables
    • some conversations already started (with Arjun, Akhil and Abhinav), but a final call will be made after Vivek is back from JSS
  • Abhinav Peddada will confirm if the Odoo features we need for Gudalur can be done in June or July
    • some conversations already started (with Arun and Banka), but a final call will be made after Vivek is back from JSS
  • Abhinav Peddada will share a process for grabbing requirements and feedback from implementations
  • Emerson Hernandez will add Sushma RaoPankaj Kanchankar on the plan that Mujir created
  • Pankaj Kanchankar will understand some needs on clinical features for SEARCH

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