Medication Tab & IPD Configuration (Training)


The Medications tab in the Clinical module provides clinicians the option to prescribe drugs/medication orders to the patients. It helps them to be time-efficient & less error-prone by providing them sensible defaults wherever possible. In this training, we will learn the various configuration options available for the medications tab and also how to setup IPD ward related configuration.


  1. Medications Screen
    1. Detail info regarding tabs(Medications) under Consultation screen

    2. Adding/removing tabs like Medication under extension.json

    3. Drug Orders and its configurations

    4. Info related to New prescription and how to modify details under this

    5. Creating Concepts under DRUG class and adding drugs under that parent concept

    6. Way to upload a set of DRUG Set in a CSV file (Multiple Drug Sets at once)

  2. In-Patient App

    1. IPD Queue / Ward Creation/ Bed config

    2. Patient Addition/Discharge/Transfer

    3. Bed, bed_type, bed_allocation are the primary tables involved in order to assign a new bed with respect to the location table.

Training Video

Medications tab and IPD Wards Training Video (1h:45m)

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