Feature Requests for Bahmni Medication Functionality

From the user research done for Bahmni@next , some of the feature requests that was observed from the discussion are listed below. The list also comprises feature requests raised on the community slack channel.

For a dental care clinic:

1> Ability to mark the procedure and orders to the respective tooth. (Ability to indicate which procedure was performed on which tooth by some visual representation)


General feature requests:

1> Ability to add lab results referred from outside. We can currently add lab reports received from outside as part of patient documents. However, we are not mapping them to the concepts in Bahmni. OCR capabilities to an extent can solve this, as the results from the lab reports can be used to map to the concepts.

2> Ability to indicate a change in the prescription. Use case-> When a doctor changes the medication for a patient (inpatient), the nursing station which is responsible for administering the medication should be notified of the change. (Can be through alert pop ups).

3> Ability to prescribe a medicine for longer duration. (Lifetime drugs)

4> Ability to capture and indicate life threatening allergies and also other alarming scenarios. Example if the patient is suffering from sickle cell disease or the region where bahmni is deployed is seeing an increase in the number of sickle cell diseases, then the same should be alerted. ( Can be done by running reports?)

5> Incorporate drug classification to choose a drug Example . All antihypertensive group of drugs will be shown together, all anti diabetic drugs will be shown together so that we can choose anyone out of them

6> Drug interaction. Ability to indicate in Bahmni Example , if a patient has a condition like high blood pressure, taking a decongestion for a cold could drive up the blood pressure even more. (Drug - condition interaction).

7> Partial dispensing of medication Example: Doctor may prescribe for a month, but the nurse may administer on a weekly basis. Right now we can dispense medicines but partial dispensing is not allowed.

8> Ability to capture notes next to the lab results. In Bahmni, the lab supervisor /assistant can add the notes next to the lab results in OpenELIS. The doctor does not have the ability to add notes once the results are visible on the patient dashboard. This feature would also help in lab results of referred out cases.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)