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Purpose and Benefits

Bahmni uses Visits as a way to maintain a patient's admittance to the hospital and also to track the various consultations the patient went through during one such admittance.

Bahmni allows users to categorize visits into different types. Having multiple types of visits help in various things. 

  1. It can be used in reporting where you count visits based on the type of visit. 
  2. It can be used to configure queues in other apps such as Clinical or Radiology. 


Visit Setup

It is mandatory to set up at least one visit type for an implementation. Visit types will be shown as dropdown options when creating or editing a patient in Registration. Visit types can be added via the OpenMRS admin screen(Administration > Visits > Manage Visit Types) or via sql scripts. 


Any visit types added from the manage visit type functionality in OpenMRS will automatically show up in the Start visit button on the registration page.

Encounter Setup

A visit can be associated with one or more encounters. Each encounter would be one step in the flow that a patient goes through during his/her visit. Bahmni allows you to define multiple encounter types.

Encounters could be created for locations such as Pharmacy, Lab, Consultation room or for actions such as Admission or Discharge.

You can add encounter types using the OpenMRS admin screen(Administration > Encounters > Manage Encounter Types) or using sql scripts that insert the data directly into the DB. 



Location Setup

You can add Locations using the OpenMRS admin screen(Administration > Locations > Manage Locations) or by using sql scripts which will insert location information into the DB. 


This locations are automatically populated in the dropdown when you log-in and in the change location drop down  at the Home screen.



Close Visit Button

In scenarios where either a visit was started accidentally or was not closed for some procedural lapse, hospital needs a capability to be able to "Close a Visit" to ensure that data is reflecting correct situation. A button is added to the "Visit Details" page in the Registration module for allowing registration users to close a visit. However, this button is visible to only those users who have been assigned the privilege "app:common:closeVisit". To assign this privilege, follow these steps:

  1. Go to OpenMRS admin page
  2. Go to "Manage Roles" 
  3. Select the role that you wish to give this privilege to say "RegistrationCleark-Advanced" 
  4. Assign the privilege "app:common:closeVisit" and Save
  5. Ensure that the person who is supposed to perform this operation is assigned this role

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