SMS Notification

Since Bahmni Lite v1.0, Bahmni provides the ability to send SMS notification to patients for events like Patient Registered, or Appointment Scheduled, etc. This requires Bahmni to make use of a 3rd party SMS Gateway, which needs to be configured, for sending SMS. For more details read:

To send sms we have to ensure that following global properties should enable:

. When we send sms during registration we have to make sure that global properties like “sms.enableRegistrationSMSAlert", “sms.enableRegistrationSMSAlert" or “sms.enableRegistrationSMSAlert" should be enable true based on the requirement of sending sms.

Communication module is added :

. It generate the message which we have to send to the clients. sms-service generate authentication token and communication module use this token to send message with the help of sms-service. git repo



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