Bahmni Connect Application


This section gives details about Bahmni Connect, which allows Community Health Workers (CHW) to use Bahmni to register patients, view medical records, and enter brief treatment data in remote, internet-lacking locations. The CHW can later come into an area with connectivity to a Bahmni server, and synchronize the Android/Chromebook with Bahmni server.

Moved to PWA

The Bahmni Connect App was originally a Chrome and an Android App. From v0.89 release of Bahmni, the Connect app has been migrated to PWA - Progressive Web App, and hence can now be run from within the browser, by just pointing the app to the Connect URL on the server. Once its opened in browser, it can then be used in offline-mode in the browser.

Connect PWA App

Connect PWA doesn't work in Incognito mode as service worker fails to download/install components. It's recommended that the user should only use chrome in normal mode to work with PWA app

Bahmni Connect video and slides.

Feature Details
Implementation Details

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