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Purpose and Benefits

This application/module syncs Radiology Orders from OpenMRS using AtomFeed Sync. For each Radiology Order a HL7 Message is created and sent to the Digital X-Ray Machine Modality using HAPI Library. HL7 Version 2.5 is used across the application.

  • For a Radiology Order with NEW Action, an ORM with Order Type as “NW”(Create WorkList Item) HL7 Message is created.

  • For a Radiology Order with DISCONTINUE Action, an ORM with Order Type as “CA”(Cancel WorkList Item) HL7 Message is created.   


For testing the PACS-integration setup, use the Test PACS Setup with Bahmni PACS Simulator. We have developed this to ensure easy testing as it is not always feasible to test with the Client's machine. This Simulator takes the orders and uploads a sample X-Ray to DCM4CHEE.


1. Install PACS-integration webapp

Set FACTER_deploy_bahmni_pacs environment variable to true in ~/.bashrc file and then follow the steps below.

You can install pacs-integration webapp module using either Installer(puppet) or RPM.

Using installer : Run separately or would have installed pacs-integration tomcat webapp.

Using RPM : Install bahmnipacs.rpm, this will install both pacs-integration and also dcm4chee with Oviyam2

Once you are done with installing, the url http://ipaddress:8080/pacs-integration will have the module up and running with the message “PACS Integration module is up and running.” and the bahmni_pacs postgres database will be created.  

Screenshot indicating that the PACS integration module setup is successful

2. Add Procedure Codes Mapping

Bahmni will have a set of Radiology X-Ray Concepts and the Client's machine will have a set of X-Rays. We need to map both to make sure that the ordered X-Ray is properly picked at client side following PACS+procedure+code+mapping.

Data Setup

 Set up data in Modality, Order Type and Markers tables in the bahmni_pacs postgres database.

  • Modality Table should have Client Digital X-Ray machine's HL7 Interface IP, port, AE Title as its name
  • Order Type Table should have the same details as in the OpenMRS databse. The Modality Id from Modality Table is used to send the particular order type orders to the given modality.

  • Markers Table should be set with the latest markers and feed details.

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