Configure Reference Terms


Reference terms map concepts to standard OpenMRS dictionary concepts.  


Below are the steps to manage the concept reference terms.

  1. Go to "Administration→Manage Concept Sources" and check whether you have the required dictionary added as concept source (check the below screenshot)

  2. If it is not there, create a new one using "Add New Concept Source"

  3. The name and description are mandatory fields. They are free text entry fields and they do not expect any predefined values.

  4. After creating the concept source, create the concept reference terms. You can go to that page using "Administration→ Manage Concept Reference Terms" navigation.

  5. You can add a new reference term or search for the existing reference terms and edit them.

  6. You need to provide some key as reference term code and select the source type as it's required. You can also have other reference terms mapped to a reference term.

  7. Once you have the reference term created, you can map it to any concept using "Mappings" option. You can add multiple mappings for a concept.

  8. You just need to start typing the reference term code and the respective source will be auto-selected. Note that you can manually select the mapping relationship (like SAME-AS, NARROWER-THAN etc) and these are not configurable from the UI. 

  9. You can also create a new reference term from the edit concept page on the fly as well (see the highlighted button in the above screenshot).

  10. Once you add the reference terms, they will start appearing in the respective concept page in OpenMRS. A sample concept with reference terms screenshot attached below.

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