Developer Privileges

Bahmni follows standard open-source processes, where the majority of code changes are done via pull requests, and there's a limited set of developers with commit access who can merge these.

Privileges and commit access are managed in Github, where the Developers team has write access to all Bahmni repositories. (For historical reasons many individual developers have write access on individual repositories, but going forward we use the team approach.)

Who can be a committer?

The most important quality we require for a committer is good judgment. This is far more important than being a skilled developer. Committers have broad access to many repositories, with nobody micromanaging their actions. So we want to trust that they'll make good decisions when merging code, ask for help and extra review whenever they need it, and don't let themselves be overly swayed by anyone who insists that some  deadline is a reason to sacrifice code maintainability.

How to become a committer?

You must be nominated by an existing committer, and it's okay/expected to ask someone to nominate you.

We require two existing committers to vote "yes" (i.e. the one who nominated you, and one more) with nobody voting "veto".

The nomination should happen on the discussion forum or #community slack channel. Voting happens on the committers[at]bahmni[dot]org mailing list (this mailing list is manually maintained to match the Github group, and really only used for this voting purpose).

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)