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There are two reasons for which we need to know about medicine field (not from methodology, process perspective but the actual knowledge that providers use to treat patients). Firstly these provide us scenarios/use-cases the product should support. Secondly for we would developing disease/condition specific content on top of Bahmni (e.g. disease specific dashboards, observation/drug-order templates). Following are the resources that we know of and have been using for the same.

  • Epocrates - useful iOS/Android app for looking up drug references, interactions (drug and others), pill identification, calculation rules and tables (it is called table, don't know what exactly it is yet).
  • Rwanda OpenMRS implementation which contains content for Oncology, Asthama, Diabetes, Heart/Renal failure and Hypertension. It is available here.
  • KenyaEMR - It has content for HIV, TB, Mother & Child health. Demo instance of Kenya EMR is available online. This could be a good starting point to look.
  • Nepal HMIS - For HIV/PMCT, TB, Malaria, Kala-azar, RHD, Mother & Child health/Abortion, ANC, Immunisation/FCHV, Vaccination, Nutrition, Nutrition, Malnutrition, Leprosy, Family planning, Sexually transmitted infection. Complete HMIS provided pdf files are here.
  • JSS - It has for diabetes, TB, RHD, leprosy, Cancer. It is here.
  • PATAN - It has very basic content on ANC, Post Natal and Immunisation. It is here.
  • Jiv Daya Foundation - It has content for Pediatric Oncology, Palliative Care and Maternal Health. The details of website are here.

References for clinical content
Online ICD 10 searchable app - 

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