Barcodes in Print

Steps to generate Barcode in the Print

Download JsBarcode.all.min.js and include in the html script tag

<script src="{{path}}/JsBarcode.all.min.js"></script>

path = the path of the downloaded file (JSBarcode.all.min.js). One can choose different files from depending on the configurations

Create an image tag with parameter jsbarcode-value which holds the value that can be used to generate the barcode. 

<img id="barcode"

In above code snippet, patient.primaryIdentifier.identifier will hold the identifier of the patient. This identifier which is alphanumeric (most cases) is used to generate the barcode.

One can choose to give different configurations for the size of the barcode and the position etc. Please refer

Initialize the barcode generation by adding  below mentioned script tag

  (function() {  

Sample html page with the above mentioned configurations

Sample Print Card with Barcode

This is not for Printing on Registration ID card. This works for normal printer.