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  • some cards to be picked up - being picked up, some other streams will be stopped
  • how to maintain quality and speed?
  • defects don’t stop the JSS stream
  • atom feed stories to be picked up by Mihir
    • needs a process (Mihir/Chase/Pascal…)
  • defects high priority
  • tests: Sudhakar/Ramprasad to pair on functional tests
  • BA/QA to go to JSS & other implementations for requirement gathering and feedback
  • lab orders to be fixed. offline conversation with Vivek/Abhinav/Arjun


  • we discuss things “offline”
  • build with the latest features & be sure we have a deployable version. also training
  • two stories missing for pilot
  • waiting for extension
  • feedback will come from pilot. support stream planned


  • Shruthi and Mahesh for the remote release on June 29th. Deployment and training activities.


  • SOW expected for next week
  • Report cards expected to be completed in the next two weeks
  • Release planned for second week of July (check availability of people)


  • Draft mode for SOW. Waiting for Pankaj to revise.


  • Bharat traveling on June 24th (probably staying there for 5 days)


Action Itens

From previous weeks:

  •  Arjun/ Akhil Malhotra/ Abhinav Peddada/ Vivek Singh: may discuss on ways to presenting the data - when it makes sense to be graphs vs tables
    some conversations already started (with Arjun, Akhil and Abhinav), but a final call will be made after Vivek is back from JSS
    Abhinav Peddada to check if the stories are already there. If not, he would create it (them)
  •  Abhinav Peddada will share a process for grabbing requirements and feedback from implementations
    Discussions in process (jira/mingle for specific projects/purposes) or move from spreadsheet to mingle/JIRA are happening.
  •  Pankaj Kanchankar will understand some needs on clinical features for SEARCH
    Subset of what JSS is using. We need to go back to clinical team to feedback on what they’ve seen. Confirm with Pankaj Kanchankar when we will have a response from them. Arjun suggested the time may be sep/oct, also more load of patients per patient.