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This module documented here is a OpenMRS omod written by the OpenMRS Community. This is no longer supported and is not part of the standard Bahmni distribution. You can find the details of the new Bahmni Appointment Module feature here.

About the Feature

This feature supports scheduling and managing appointments for patients at a facility. The module allows implementations to do the following:

    1. Create a schedule of when providers are available to see patients
    2. Schedule appointments for patients based on provider schedule
    3. Manage the patient queue through the clinic when the patients arrive for their appointments.

This module documented here is a OpenMRS omod written by the OpenMRS Community. Bahmni Team is exploring the option of writing their own Appointment Module with slightly different visual experience and features. Please read and comment on the new feature design here.

Used By

The person at the front desk of the facility would predominantly use this module.

How is it Used?

Scheduling an appointment for a patient

  1. Navigate to the Appointments module from the Bahmni homepage and select Manage Appointments.

2. Enter the first few letters of the patient name in the search bar and select the patient.

3. Select the service type (general consultation, specialized doctor appointment, etc.) and select the date.

4. Click "Next" to confirm the appointment.

5. Click on "Save" to set up the appointment.

6. It will appear on the daily appointments page like the screenshot below.

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