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Bahmni integrates OpenMRS with OpenERP which is a an open source ERP product. It is useful in Billing, Pharmacy and Stock management. Any patient registered in OpenMRS is synced by Bahmni as a customer in OpenERP. 

In this training, we will learn the various configuration options available for OpenERP.


Bahmni supported OpenERP until v0.91. After that, Bahmni upgraded to supporting Odoo (new version of OpenERP). These videos use OpenERP for training, which are still useful because Odoo data model is similar to Odoo. Once Odoo videos are created for training, we will add those as a new training module to this guide. 


See Notes below.

Training Video

Overview of OpenERP in Bahmni (1 hour)

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Note: Video display will start in video at 2:50sec.

8:10 Add new drug in OpenMRS & OpenERP
9:35 Add price to drug
10:30 Purchasing
11:50 Set different price for different drug batch / set expire date for drug
15:00 Order drug from OpenMRS sync to OpenERP
17:50 Validate payment
19:45 Set up Locations & Warehouse
20:45 Set up Shop
26:15 Stock Movements across locations
28:27 View Product by Locations
30:20 Product Account / Discount Account
39:40 Adding new field to Customer/Supplier (res.partner.form)
46:25 Deliver product
51:10 Configure new order type(sync non-drugs
58:45 Human Resources

OpenERP Quick Videos

  1. Creating Users and Privileges Training Video (1.08 mins)
  2. Creating Product Categories Training Video (1.20 mins)
  3. Creating Drugs Training Video (1.45 mins)
  4. Creating Warehouse/Shop Locations Training Video (1.07 mins)
  5. Order Type - Shop Mapping Training Video (0.48 mins)
  6. Creating Discount Head Training Video (1.12 mins)

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  1. Odoo Module Configuration
  2. OpenERP Module Configuration
  3. ATOM Feed based synchronization
  4. Odoo Documentation (v10)