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  1. Github Actions does not support configuration for triggering a workflow when change happens in a different repository.
    Workaround: One of the workaround is to use repository_dispatch event type. Repository Dispatch is done by making a POST request to a specific API endpoint exposed by Github API. More about repository_dispatch can be found here. Reference for creating an event can be found here.
    Problems: In order to trigger the API, it needs a Github Personal Access Token (PAT), which is to be created by the organisation owner and added as a secret to the organisation. Also repository dispatch validates only if the specified repo exists or not and raises the event and returns 204, it does not validate whether a trigger has happened or not.

  2. No Value Stream Mapping visualisation as in GoCD.
    Need to go-through the workflow YML scripts in .github/workflows directory in root of each repo.

  3. When a secret is set and it is used in actions, then wherever the secret's value appears, it is redacted in all occurences.
    Let say you have a secret with value demo, and if it is found in the name of the action, then that too gets redacted.

  4. There is no template like configuration in Github Actions