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This document is OUTDATED.

Need to updated with latest design for setting up HTTPS

Bahmni EKS clusters out of box comes with Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate. End-to-end TLS encyprtion is required in order to ensure our channel / data transmission is encrypted and in addition its equally important for regularity requirements like PCI and HIPPA etc.


  • The certificate should be issues in us-east-1 (Virginia) in order to be used by CloudFront

  • Use wild card to support the same certificate by sub domains or list all your domains with sub domains e.g.* (note that single * would only support single subdomain, if you have multiple subdomains such as, then you would need to add multiple wildcards *.*


Once the certificate is Issued, go inside the certificate and "Create Record in Route 53" under Domains to create CNAME(s) for the issued domain(s) in Route53