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This training was conduced conducted by the Thoughtworks Bahmni team in Feb-2023. See announcement thread here:


  1. Provide a high level overview of ABDM and how Bahmni has achieved ABDM compliance.


  1. [Video1] ABDM/Bahmni Functional overview with Demo (Video Link: 57 mins)
    1. Brief introduction to Bahmni, and various Patient/Clinical workflows
    2. Introduction to ABDM standard, and what is its vision & goals (for India)
    3. ABHA address & ABHA number
    4. Brief overview of ABDM building blocks
    5. What is HIP/HIU and HRP?
    6. ABDM Milestones M1,M2,M3
    7. Demo of Bahmni (at 35:00 mins) with ABDM features, along with the PHR App, for Patient Consent.
  2. [Video2] Bahmni Architecture with ABDM services like HIP and HIU (Video Link: 53 mins)
    1. Demo of Bahmni with ABHA & Mobile OTP authentication
    2. API calls involved in Care Context / HIP / HIU linking
    3. Seeing Bahmni clinical records in PHR app (along with various HI types) and Bahmni HIU UI
    4. Intro to FHIR Bundles
    5. Encryption/Decryption of data
    6. ABDM Certification Process / Sandbox Exit Process


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  1. Bahmni as Health Information Provider (ABDM/NDHM)
  2. FAQs on ABDM and Bahmni compliance
  3. Running Bahmni (with ABDM modules) using Docker Compose