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It is uncommon that you would encounter an error when trying to build the code, since the Bahmni development team follows good Continuous Integration practices, and is attentive to fixing build failures. However, occasionally things do go wrong. If you do experience a build error, please contact the dev team on the IRC channel for Bahmni Jasper Error while building OpenELIS to verify whether this is a known error, or if it is particular to your setup.

titleCI Server

Bahmni team is using GoCD as a CI server, for running builds and tests. You can access the CI server by going to the following link: Bahmni GoCD CI Server (Credentials: guest/p@ssw0rd) and login as Guest User

Timezone-dependent tests

When you run the "grunt" command, it runs through a JavaScript test suite. One type of failure you might encounter (which would not have been found in CI) is if one of the JavaScript tests expects to be run in the IST time zone, and you run it in a different time zone.

A hint that you've run into this kind of error is if the build reports an error message that gives two dates that are one day apart, like this:

Code Block
Expected '2014-09-09' to equal '2014-09-10'

If you run into a problem like this, and you are able to fix it yourself, please submit a GitHub Pull Request to fix it! Alternately, contact the IRC channel for BahmniJasper Error while building OpenELIS.