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  • Arun talked to Kanaan. The master data setup that they are working on now includes lab, drugs and diagnosis at it’s 90% done. Only after finishing they will start something new.
  • They have found a vendor for the hardware and will have an answer about it in the beginning of next week.

The Banyan

  • Still unsure when the hardware will be delivered.
  • Pankaj talked to them and it seems that the focus on Clinical things are not priority for now because it may slow them down.
  • We probably will not have any updates until October


  • Feedback cards have been created
  • We should plan a remote release for after the monsoon season, when the internet will be more reliable


  • Another release happening on July 10th
  • Until now, no feedback. Probably they haven’t started using the new features
  • OpenERP is for Bayalpata, not for a second hospital.


  • They are happy with the new features around prescription and pharmacy
  • For now they are facing more peripheral problems (like network)
  • There are some conversations around “Learning Portal”. 

Action Items

  •  Abhinav will update the roadmap on wiki
  •  Arun will confirm hw delivery date so we can plan the release accordingly
  •  Abhinav will revisit some of the cards for Hemalkasa and break them down if they are too big.

Other topics

  • The feedback that we receive after going live is creating an amount of 5-6 cards and it may be planned as a stream for next release. Peaches must be an exception.
  • Sushma / Abhinav / Implementation Lead need to see the urgency of the cards that come and decide if it should go to a patch or not.
  • Tata Trust can potentially help us with funding. How should we move forward with this?