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The Admin app in Bahmni provides a bunch of options to the administrator/admin user that include:

  1. An easy way to migrate data (import and export) from other instances of Bahmni or other EMR systems
  2. Ability to author Medication Order Sets. It enables clinicians to group drugs that are frequently ordered together and prescribe the entire set instead of adding each drug. This feature has been designed to save the users time and effort, by ordering a set of drugs with predefined dosages, routes, and frequencies.
  3. Manage User Authorisations/Privileges & View audit logs.
  4. OpenMRS, OpenELIS and Odoo communication happens in the background using AtomFeed (event notification over REST API mechanism). 

In this training, we will understand the functionality behind the various Admin options. We will also deep dive into how AtomFeed integration works, by seeing Lab Tests being synced from OpenMRS to OpenELIS.


  1. Bahmni Admin Settings
    1. Order sets
    2. CSV Import/Export
    3. Audit Logs
    4. Ward Management
  2. OpenMRS Admin Settings
    1. User Authorisation/Roles & Privileges
    2. Visit Type configuration
    3. OpenMRS Advanced Settings
    4. Schedulers & OpenMRS Modules
  3. ATOM Feed Integration for OpenMRS and OpenELIS/Lab integration

Training Video

  1. Administration Settings & ATOM Feeds Training Video (Duration: 1h:30m. Atom Feed training starts at 1h:06m)

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2. ATOM Feed Overview (in-depth) - 1 hour

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  1. Bahmni Admin (User Guide)
  2. EMR Security and Access Control
  3. Administering OpenMRS Modules
  4. ATOM Feed Integration in Bahmni