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  1. Bahmni Lite is a light-weight, opensource flavor of Bahmni targeted towards clinics & small hospitals, which don’t need a heavy-weight HIMS, but are looking for an easy-to-use EMR & Billing software. See Release Notes.

  2. Bahmni Lite contains Bahmni EMR (backend is OpenMRS), Crater (billing and invoicing solution) and Metabase for Analytics – and is cloud ready for quick deployment. Read more here.

  3. In contrast to standard version of Bahmni for hospitals, the Lite version of Bahmni does not package opensource OpenELIS (Lab information system) and Odoo (ERP). Instead it packages Lab Lite module and Crater. The EMR/Clinical portion of Bahmni Standard and Bahmni Lite are exactly the same. It's just the Lab & ERP pieces which are different – due to the fact that Lite is targeted towards clinics/small hospitals which don’t need full blown Lab management systems or ERP for stock management, etc.

  4. Read this presentation PDF to know more: (PDF on Bahmni Lite)

  5. YouTube Video introduction to Bahmni Lite: (Bahmni Lite v1.0 Intro on YouTube)

  6. Screenshots of Bahmni: (See this presentation with screenshots)


You can evaluate Bahmni Lite on our QA environments, or use the docker version to start the relevant services (openmrs, crater).