Bahmni Lite - A lightweight opensource version of Bahmni

  1. Bahmni Lite is a light-weight, opensource flavor of Bahmni targeted towards clinics & small hospitals, which don’t need a heavy-weight HIMS, but are looking for an easy-to-use EMR & Billing software. See Release Notes.

  2. Bahmni Lite contains Bahmni EMR (backend is OpenMRS), Crater (billing and invoicing solution) and Metabase for Analytics – and is cloud ready for quick deployment. Read more here.

  3. In contrast to standard version of Bahmni for hospitals, the Lite version of Bahmni does not package opensource OpenELIS (Lab information system) and Odoo (ERP). Instead it packages Lab Lite module and Crater. The EMR/Clinical portion of Bahmni Standard and Bahmni Lite are exactly the same. It's just the Lab & ERP pieces which are different – due to the fact that Lite is targeted towards clinics/small hospitals which don’t need full blown Lab management systems or ERP for stock management, etc.

  4. Read this presentation PDF to know more: (PDF on Bahmni Lite)

  5. YouTube Video introduction to Bahmni Lite: (Bahmni Lite v1.0 Intro on YouTube)

  6. Screenshots of Bahmni: (See this presentation with screenshots)


You can evaluate Bahmni Lite on our QA environments, or use the docker version to start the relevant services (openmrs, crater).

Area of interest

Bahmni Lite

Bahmni Standard

Area of interest

Bahmni Lite

Bahmni Standard



Yes, fully opensource package!

Yes, fully opensource package!


Target Audience

Comes pre-configured for use by Clinics & Small Hospitals (< 25 beds), but can also be used by Large Facilities, if they so desire. Reference configuration is pre-packaged in clinic-config sub-folder.

Configured and packaged keeping use-cases for Large Hospitals (> 100 beds) in mind.


Software Components

  • EMR: Bahmni EMR UI, OpenMRS

  • Lab: Lightweight Lab Entry app within EMR for lab-report pdf/image upload.

  • Billing: Crater

  • Reporting: Jasper Reports, Metabase and Bahmni Mart

  • EMR: Bahmni EMR UI, OpenMRS

  • IPD: Has Bed Management and OT Scheduling, etc. modules for IPD.

  • Lab: OpenELIS full scale Lab system.

  • ERP/Billing/Inventory: Odoo

  • Radiology: DCM4chee

  • Reporting: Jasper Reports


Deployment Options

  • Kubernetes/AWS

  • On Cloud instances like EC2, Digital Ocean, etc (with Docker)

  • On-premise server(with Docker)

  • Local Machine (with Docker)

  • On Cloud Instances like EC2, Digital Ocean, etc using Docker.

  • On CentOS machines using RPM installer (on-premise, or cloud)

  • Local Machine (with Docker)

  • Not yet Kubernetes enabled


Mobile / Tablet Responsive

  • Yes for Clinical use cases in EMR. See screeshots here.

  • Crater is responsive

  • Yes for Clinical use cases in EMR


Cloud Readiness

  • Only the EMR part is available ready out-of-the-box for Cloud deployment.

  • Already deployed on cloud by various organisations, but Infra-as-code not yet available for non-EMR components.


Scalability / Performance

Most performant version of Bahmni till now! See details here.

Bahmni is live in health care facilities with over 250K patient records, 22 Million Clinical observations across 720K visits, recorded across 5+ years (on-prem server).


Latest Release Version

Bahmni Lite v 1.0 (Coming soon!). (Releases Page)

v 0.93. (Releases Page)


Install options

  • Docker based install for local, on-prem servers.

  • Helm Charts (for Cloud/Kubernetes)

  • CentOS + Vagrant (until V0.93)

  • Docker (after v0.93, development version only available right now)


OpenMRS Platform

  • OpenMRS 2.5.x

  • OpenMRS 2.1.x (until v0.93)



Significant number of Security fixes and stability enhancements!

  • Running on older versions of OpenMRS / OpenERP / etc.. with some known vulnerabilities (until v0.93). Ensure Log4j and other patches are installed.

  • Development version is more secure due to fixes done in 2022.


Master Data

  • CIEL Dictionary (with over 50,000 terms), with SNOMED, ICD10 and LOINC mappings. Read more about CIEL dictionary here.

  • India Essential Drug List (as reference)

  • See Initializer Module folder in clinic-config.

  • V0.93 comes with default-config

  • Requires customization based on hospital needs.


ABDM Ready

ABDM ready for India (requires additional open source ABDM services to be installed). Read more here.

Same as Lite.



  • REST APIs (Yes)

  • FHIR APIs (Yes)

Read more here.

  • REST APIs (Yes)

  • FHIR APIs will be available in next release.


Demo Server

LITE Demo Environments

Bahmni Standard Demo

  1. You can choose to start with Bahmni Lite version, irrespective of your facility size and slowly migrate over to adding more services like Odoo or OpenELIS or DCM4chee as needed. This way, you get the latest, performant and most secure version of Bahmni, and can incrementally evolve.

  2. Timeline wise: Bahmni Lite v1.0 was released in Jun-2023, and Bahmni Standard v1.0 likely in Mar-2024 (under discussion). You can evaluate Bahmni LITE today, by following the steps mentioned in Getting Started with Bahmni Docker.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)