Bahmni COVID-19 Starter Kit

Note: Tested on Bahmni 0.92

About the Feature
The Bahmni COVID-19 starter kit is a set of COVID-19 artefacts that will be automatically imported in to Bahmni systems running Bahmni 0.92. These artefacts would enable healthcare practices using Bahmni to capture COVID-19 specific data as CEIL complaint concepts with the overall impact of being able to report statistics of this disease on an international standard.

Features List

  1. COVID 19 concepts with CIEL & SNOMED CT mappings

  2. New Program Covid-19 with program status


  3. New FORMS 2.0 forms introduced

    • Travel History and Contact Tracing form


    • Initial Screening Form


    • Home Quarantine Screening Form


    • Home Quarantine Follow up Form


    • Daily Follow up IPD Form



  1. Supported Bahmni Version 0.92.

  2. All new concepts are imported using OpenMRS module initializer. This OpenMRS module needs specific versions of the following modules which will be automatically installed by this package:

    1. appointments-1.2-SNAPSHOT.omod


  3. The kit can be run on a system with concepts having CIEL UUIDs


  1. To roll back the COVID19 kit, the forms and programs should be manually deleted.

  2. After forms and programs are used it is not possible to roll back the changes. Concepts and mappings imported cannot be deleted.

Steps to Deploy Covid19 Starter Kit

New Implementation
  • Install Bahmni version 0.92

  • Update default concepts with CEIL UUIDs (See Contact US)

  • Deploy Covid19 Starter Kit

  • #Download and install RPM file from Github yum install #Install COVID-19 Starter kit sh /opt/bahmni-covid19-installer/

Existing Implementation (Bahmni Version 0.92)
  • Backup OpenMRS database

  • Ensure concepts have CEIL UUIDs

  • Deploy Covid19 Starter Kit

  • #Download and install RPM file from Github yum install #Install COVID-19 Starter kit sh /opt/bahmni-covid19-installer/

List of Components imported

  • Concepts

    • Form

    • Program

  • Concept Source

  • Programs

  • Forms

  • Form Translations

  • Program Attribute

  • Program Workflow

  • Program Workflow stages

Fall back mechanism (To restore the system back to original state before COVID-19 package was installed)

  • Ask the user to take a back up of Openmrs database;

  • Remove Forms JSON files from below path:

    • home/bahmni/clinical_forms

    • /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/forms/translations

  • Remove contents of /opt/openmrs/configuration 

  • Remove /opt/openmrs/modules/initializer-2.0.0.omod

  • Restore database

  • yum remove bahmni-covid19-installer.noarch

Contact Us:

Praveena Dayanand<>

Adhavan Kp<>

Ruchika Bhargava<>

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)