Doctor Mobile Adoption

Why do we need this?

  • Originally developed for screen sizes upper than 9’’

  • Doctors have been using it on their mobile phones

  • Few of the screens were broken on mobile phones making it difficult to use

  • Doctors who are frequently mobile, need better rendered screens/modules on smaller screen sizes.


We have identified key areas(Clinical module) to be fixed, which provides a better experience for doctors and eases the use of Bahmni on mobile.

How bad was it?


Patient Dashboard
Consultation - Observations





What were the challenges?

  • Certain designs like the header, tabs had to be redesigned and re-implemented for mobile

  • Tables used across Consultation did not support wrapping content to next lines for lower screen sizes. 

  • The styling has been very rigid and supported fixed layouts instead of being fluid.

  • Styling is done in a way that makes it hard to modify/maintain -

    • Box sizing was set to content box making it harder to maintain widths

    • CSS is heavily nested making understanding & overriding difficult.

    • Media queries, fonts, colours etc are not standardised. 

    • Layout heavily relies on float and elements are wrongly floated causing disruptions while wrapping content across to the next line

What effort went into it?




key summary

60 + commits

9 Pull Requests

2300 + Lines of Code modified

How is it now?




2193 LOC added

What’s in the future?


  • Create a component library - This can either be in react or framework agnostic (Web components – custom elements principle)

  • Establish a theme - define typography, breakpoints, colors palette, buttons, and other basic building blocks.

  • Define global styles, helpers, mixins and grid.

  • Follow Atomic design and SRP principles.

  • Have strict rules in place - For both logic and styling. Add stylelint and prettier.

  • Adopt typescript instead of javascript





OC added


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