Discussion Forum for Bahmni

We use a section of OpenMRS's discussion forum ("OpenMRS Talk") for the Bahmni discussion forums.

We encourage you to post questions on the forum to enable other community members to find them easily. All questions are welcome!

If you want to ask the Bahmni Community a technical question, or a product related question, please click on the link above. Then click on the New Topic button on the page, and post your question. You will receive notifications by email, which you can reply back via email too. You will need to sign-up and create your OpenMRS ID to ask a question. 

Go to Forum: http://tiny.cc/bahmni-talk

Tips for Asking Questions That Can Get You Answers

Prepare your question. Think it through. Hasty-sounding questions get hasty answers, or none at all. The more you do to demonstrate that having put thought and effort into solving your problem before seeking help, the more likely you are to actually get help.

Read more here on how you can ask Smart Questions.

For better readability

To share big log messages, or text files, please use http://pastebin.com, instead of pasting the logs in the question itself. To share screenshots, please consider using pasteboard.co.

  1. If you are seeking help for a problem, please provide as much information about the problem as you can. This will make others believe your REALLY WANT an answer, and it will help in much quicker diagnosis. For instance,
    1. Mention which version of Bahmni are you using / trying to use.
    2. Mention what steps you took. 
    3. Mention which OS are your working with, and its version.
    4. Mention what you want to achieve.
    5. Put a screenshot of the issue you are facing. 
    6. Consider GOOGLE first, to see if someone has faced a similar issue. Example: google for "Bahmni installation issue with vagrant". 
    7. See if you can provide a log file which gives more details. 
    8. Mention all the possible things you have already tried. 
  1. If you want to attach a big log file, its best to post the log fine on http://pastebin.com, and put only the link to the log file in your question. 
  2. Ensure the question is categorized in "Bahmni" category of OpenMRS Talk. This way, people who have subscribed to OpenMRS Talk (Bahmni category) will receive your email. 
  3. Since people are in different timezones on the Bahmni community, especially most of them currently in India, it may take time for them to reply back. Please be patient.
  4. If you are seeing an generic error message, which is related to maybe Vagrant, MySQL, Permissions, Security, etc, it is possible that it may not be a Bahmni specific issue. Please google it first.
  5. Don't ask questions which just say generic or vague statements like: "My Bahmni isn't working", or "My OpenMRS gave an error", or "I tried installing something, and it failed". These high level statements are not useful for another person to debug your problem. More specifics are needed: like actual error messages, or screenshots of the problem, etc. 
  6. Be respectful. Be polite. Be enquiring. Be Patient. 

How to get email notifications of new forum messages

If you want to get notified by email when new messages are posted in our discussion forums you need to do two things:

  1. "Watch" the Bahmni category by clicking the dropdown to the right of "New Topic" and choosing "Watching"
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right, and then on the Gear icon below it
  3. Verify your email address under Account > Email, and then verify your desired settings under Emails > Email, for example like this: