Communication Channels and Tools (Discourse & Slack)

The Bahmni community uses publicly-accessible tools to communicate, with certain tools being better for different purposes.

Product Architecture Team (PAT) calls

  1. This is an intersection of product and technical thinkers, that focuses on how we want to evolve the Bahmni software product. This call is open for anyone to attend. You can find more information about joining the Zoom link and details of previous PAT calls here.
  2. PAT calls happen 1 pm UTC (6:30pm India) every Wednesday.

Discussion Forum

The primary place to communicate about Bahmni is the Discussion Forum.

Examples of things you might want to do here:

  • Introduce yourself, and what you or your organization is doing with Bahmni (on this thread)
  • Suggest a product enhancement
  • Get feedback on the design of a new feature
  • Ask troubleshooting questions

Our Bahmni forums are hosted under the "OpenMRS Talk" discussion forums". Learn more at Email Forum for Bahmni Q&A.

Chat on Slack

Signing up on Bahmni Slack

  1. For quick chat-style messages, active Bahmni contributors use Slack.
  2. We do not preserve old messages in Slack, so you should only use it for ephemeral communications, and not to record any important decisions.
  3. Most communications are on the #community channel. There are other channels for project (or topic) specific discussions.
  4. Most team members are online during India timezone and weekdays.

Slack info



  • If you belong to an organization whose domain name has already been pre-approved, then you may create your own account.
  • Otherwise you may request an account by filling this form and providing us an email address for sending the Slack sign-up link: Submit Form
  • If your organization wants to create multiple slack accounts, please ask us to add your email domain so that individuals from that domain can sign-up without approval.
  • In either case you can make the request on the discussion forums, via

Bahmni Slack

Important Channels on Slack

  1. #community: The default channel for any community member to discuss/ask questions related to Bahmni. Any topic is welcome. All Bahmni team members are present in this channel. The most active channel!
  2. #security: Security related discussions - open channel. (#bahmni-security: Closed Group Private Channel for internal security discussion)
  3. #cicd-monitor: Build PASS/ FAILED notifications from Github Actions.
  4. #availability: Team availability announcements by team members (for vacation / Out-of-office / etc).
  5. #uptime-monitor: Notification for environment going down (like Demo, Bahmni Lite, etc) using uptime-robot.
  6. #bahmni-infra: DevOps/IaaC/Infra discussions related to Docker, Bahmni-AWS, etc.
  7. #bahmni-abdm-and-clinic-config: ABDM and Clinic Configuration
  8. #bahmni-india-distro: India version of Bahmni distribution
  9. #bahmni-ipd: IPD related discussions (In-Patient Department, Admit/Discharge, MAR, Nurse Schedules, Discharge Summary, etc)
  10. #bahmni-tech-pow-wow-topics: Daily Tech Standup topics announcement (2:30pm India time)
  11. #bahmni-mart: Bahmni Mart, Analystics, Metabase, Reporting, etc.
  12. #bahmni-release: Bahmni release related coordination (for upcoming release management tasks/checklist/etc)
  13. #bahmni-ux: New designs and UX related discussions
  14. #commit-log: Log of all commits to Bahmni Github repositories
  15. #code4govtech: Coordination and discussions related to initiatives picked up by Code4GovTech participants
  16. #openmrs-plaform-upgrade: OpenMRS platform upgrade related issues / questions
  17. #payments-lite: Crater (payments-lite) related notifications / questions
  18. #performance: Performance Testing / findings.
  19. #roadmap: Discussions on what should be picked up next on the roadmap (long term)
  20. #snomed-ci-cd: Snomed CI Build Deployment Notifications
  21. #bahmni-snomed-integration: [Private Channel] Snomed Team working on Bahmni-SNOMED TS integration.
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