Bahmni Video Catalogue

Bahmni Video Catalogue

This page lists down the various useful Bahmni community videos. The Bahmni Youtube community channel is here: Bahmni Community Channel. Please also refer the Bahmni Training Guide for in-depth Training Videos.

1Bahmni Install OverviewAn overview of Bahmni installation (1 hour)
2Bahmni Installation Overview (Virtual Box based for Windows)An overview of how to install Bahmni Virtual Box / Vagrant on Windows.

3Bahmni Configuration OverviewAn overview of configuring the Bahmni EMR UI
4Bahmni Demos PlaylistA video playlist of short demos of Bahmni
5Bahmni Registration ConfigurationA playlist which contains multiple videos showing how to configure the Registration screen for Bahmni.

6ATOM Feed and Bahmni EMR ConfigurationAn FAQ meeting where ATOM Feed based integration, and how does configuration work in Bahmni EMR UI is discussed.

7ATOM Feed IntegrationAn overview of how ATOM Feed is used to integrate OpenMRS, ELIS and Odoo, so that in Bahmni one needs to enter data only once.
8Functional Overview of OpenELISAn overview of OpenELIS (Bahmni Lab) features, and how to configure data in OpenELIS.
9Bahmni Open Source EHR

An overview of Bahmni Open Source EHR which was presented at AEHIN. Moving from a single to a National Health Registry.

Details here: Presentation Page

10Users/Roles/PrivilegesAn overview of how to assign a privilege / role to a user in OpenMRS (and Bahmni)

(Will move it to Youtube soon)

11Bahmni OpenERP Overview
An overview by Vinkesh Banka on Bahmni and OpenERP integration, and some ERP features like Stock, Products, Billing, Discounts, Account Heads, etc.

12User Training Video (searching in Bahmni)An end user training video on how to search for patients in Bahmni. This video was created for SEARCH hospital, Gadchiroli, by Pankaj as part of end-user training.

13Bahmni resources for helpA video which shows all the various resources available to Bahmni community for help, collaboration, documentation and ramp-up.

14Bahmni radiology workflow with Fuji CRA video showing the simple radiology workflow using Bahmni and Fuji CR set up at JSS, one of the implementations using Bahmni.

15Creating a Simple Observation/Clinical Form

A video by Sravanthi N. S. CH. showing how to create a simple Observation / Clinical Form in Bahmni using the OpenMRS Concept UI.

16Exploratory Data Analysis of Bahmni with RA multi-part video series where Karrtik Iyer explains how one can use R software for Exploratory Data Analysis of Bahmni.
17Introduction to Git/GithubIf you are new to Git/Github, please check out this video to understand Git/Github better.

18Functional Walkthrough of the Bahmni Connect AppA step by step demo of the functionality available in the Bahmni Connect (offline) App.

19Registration workflow - Features & Functionalities of Bahmni

A series of videos demonstrating the features and functionalities of Bahmni using real-life hospital scenarios.

The first video is the Registration Workflow that traces the journey of a patient from Registration to OPD.

20Clinical workflow - Features & Functionalities of BahmniThis video demonstrates the clinical workflow of Bahmni from OPD → Lab tests → Clinical

21Recording lab test results - Features & Functionalities of BahmniThis video demonstrates the workflow of the Lab System of Bahmni.

22Diagnosis & Billing Workflow - Features & Functionalities of BahmniThis video demonstrates the clinical workflow as well as the billing workflow of Bahmni.

23Workflow of a returning patient visiting the hospital for a follow-upThis video demonstrates the workflow of a patient returning to the hospital for a follow-up. The video also highlights the features in Bahmni where doctors can view trend charts and graphs indicating the health of patients over time.

24Workflow of an emergency patient admitted in the in-patient department of the hospitalThis video demonstrates the IPD workflow of a patient who is rushed to the emergency room of a hospital. The video also covers the radiology workflow in Bahmni.

25Integration Bahmni with BikaLIMS over HL-7This video (recorded in Bahmni PAT call) shows how Bahmni has been integrated over HL-7/Atomfeed with BikaLIMS (now called Senaite LIMS), and alternative and mature open source Lab management system.
26Lessons Learnt from 8 years of Open Source Development of Bahmni EMR 

In this talk, at the Thoughtworks xConf 2021 - Angshuman Sarkar & Gurpreet Luthra share the lessons learnt while building & deploying Bahmni, an open source hospital management system across resource constrained environments.

The cover key lessons on sustainability, software entropy, designing tech4good systems, patient privacy and security, product thinking, etc. The Slides can be accessed here:

27Bahmni Forms 2.0 Implementer Interface3-Part Video series showing how to use Implementer Interface (Form 2.0 Designer) to create & publish Clinical Forms in Bahmni.
  1. Part1:

  2. Part2:

  3. Part3:

  4. Form2 Enhancement (recent video):