Bahmni Online Demo

We have hosted some online demos for people to evaluate and play with Bahmni. Each hospital has its own forms, templates, rules, and workflows. Bahmni allows you to configure the user interface as per your needs. These demos showcase some of our implementation configurations to give you a taste of the possibilities that exist. We continue to add features which help hospitals implement closer-to-life screens, with quick navigation and easy information entry.

Interconnected Systems - EMR, Lab, ERP

The EMR, Lab and ERP Demos listed below are all "connected" to each other. This means, that when you register a patient in EMR, and order a lab test, the data will flow into Lab system, and OpenERP. In Lab system, the patient will get created, and tests will get ordered, while in the OpenERP system, a customer will get created with the same ID and name as the patient. This way, Bahmni enables single data entry across systems.


You can also watch short Youtube Demo Videos of Bahmni here: Demo Playlist

NameBahmni VersionLinkDescription
1.Bahmni Lite (ABDM compliant version) - for Clinics and Small HospitalsLATEST V1.0Demo Link: See Bahmni Lite EnvironmentsBahmni LITE (with ABDM). Release notes: Bahmni Lite Releases (New!)This is the LITE version of Bahmni, configured for clinics and small hospitals. It comes with the CIEL dictionary, and optional ABDM components. This demo showcases the capabilities of Bahmni as an HIU as well as HIP, integrated with India's ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission). You can also see a video of this here: ABDM Bahmni Demo
2.Bahmni EMR, ELIS and Odoo (Bahmni Standard)

Demo Link:


  • EMR: superman/Admin123
  • ELIS (Lab): admin/adminADMIN!
  • ERP: admin/admin
  • Radiology (dcm4chee): admin/admin

OpenMRS URL(use EMR credentials):

This demo hosts the v0.93 release of Bahmni (for hospitals). Read more about it here in the Release Notes.

We have also setup the following patients:

  • GAN203007 - Test Diabetes
  • GAN203008 - Test TB
  • GAN203006 - Test Hyperthyroidism
  • GAN203009 - Test Hypertension

The data on this demo server is refreshed daily at 2:00 AM India time. At that time the demo server will not be available for about 20 mins.

3.Bahmni ConnectV0.93

Bahmni Connect Demo Link:

  • Open Connect Application in the Bahmni page then you will be redirected to Login page.
  • First time all metadata will be synced from server to app and that will take around 15 mins after logging in.

For more details check c. Progressive web app section

Data gets refreshed on demo servers daily. So, if you see some sync issues then follow the steps under 2. Using Developer tools: section in c. Progressive web app page to clear the cache storage.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)