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This guide is currently In-Progress. Over the next few months, content will be added to it. 

If you have any suggestions or would like to add pages which talk about the functionality of Bahmni, please feel free to add them.

About the Feature

The laboratory management module in Bahmni is built upon an opensource software called OpenELIS. When a patient is registered in Bahmni using the registration module, the patient name and demographic information is synced automatically to the lab system. When the patient goes to the lab, the lab technician collecting the sample can look up the patient and add tests for that patient. 

The lab module syncs back the tests added, along with the results and referral information back to the clinical module for the doctors and nurses to see this information. The key features of the laboratory management system are:

  • Sample collection
  • Recording tests and results.
  • Referring tests.
  • Printing out of results.
  • Lab workload management.
  • Generating Reports.

Where is it Used?

It is used by lab technicians when executing lab orders and performing tests.


The doctor can view the test results on the patient dashboard as soon as the lab technician enters them in OpenELIS.


Lab Dashboard


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