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Purpose and Benefits : Go to Patient Registration module page on the Feature Guide to know more


descriptiona description
formatjava class of the attribute
namename of the attribute
uuiduuid of the attribute


  1. description"मरीज़ का उपनाम"
  2. format"java.lang.String"
  3. name"familyNameLocal"
  4. requiredfalse
  5. uuid"b4f44ade-c79a-11e2-b284-107d46e7b2c5"


Pre-fill Address details based on login location

To use this functionality location needs to be configured as a login location in openmrs. The configuration needed in registration/app.json is 

    "config": {

             "prepopulateFields" : ["Division", "Zilla", "Upazilla"]


  • The above configuration (of extension point "") will always open a visit of one specific type. No other Visit Types are even listed. The visit type determination happens in the following order
  • This above extension point will be deprecated. From Bahmni version 0.89, configuration of "forwardUrlsForVisitTypes" (in app.json) specified below is preferred.
  • In case both "" (extension point) and "forwardUrlsForVisitTypes" (configuration) is enabled, the former will take precedence.