Architecture, RPMs and services in Bahmni

Bahmni is a suite of open source products. Mainly OpenMRS, OpenERP, OpenELIS, dcm4chee. All of them are third party open source softwares. OpenMRS is developed and maintained by the OpenMRS organization. We also contribute to the project. We develop and maintain Bahmni specific OMODs. OpenERP is developed by Odoo. The version of OpenERP we use is an old one. We currently store the OpenERP software zip file in our servers ( We develop and maintain OpenERP modules. Dcm4chee software is also stored at We do not have any additions/customizations to it. OpenELIS is an odd one here. We forked the code earlier and we are currently developing and maintaining it. The Bahmni UI is an AngularJS and React app. We develop and maintain it.

RPMs and the services they install

RPMs install and setup a service. They also provide lifecycle scripts to start, stop and restart a service.

bahmni-installer: Installs the code required to install and setup Bahmni. Includes bahmni-playbooks, bahmni command (

bahmni-openmrs: Installs openmrs war file and sets up the openmrs MySQL database.

bahmni-emr: Installs default OpenMRS modules required for Bahmni.

bahmni-web: Installs UI code. Has httpd as a dependency.

bahmni-reports: Installs reports war and sets up the bahmni-reports MySQL database.

bahmni-erp: Installs OpenERP, its modules and sets up the openerp PostgreSQL database.

bahmni-erp-connect: Installs bahmni-erp-connect service which serves as the integration point between OpenMRS and OpenERP.

bahmni-lab: Installs OpenELIS and sets up the clinlims PostgreSQL database.

atomfeed-console: Installs and sets up the atomfeed-console service.

bahmni-implementer-interface: Installs the UI code required for the implementer interface app.

bahmni-lab-connect: Installs the openelis-atomfeed omod.

bahmni-two-factor-auth: Installs and sets up the two factor authentication service.

dcm4chee: Installs the dcm4chee service and sets up the pacsdb PostgreSQL database.

pacs-integration: Installs the pacs-integration service and sets up the bahmni-pacs PostgreSQL database.

Port numbers of services

httpd80, 443


dcm4chee8055, 8056

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)