Bahmni Login

About the Feature

Bahmni as a product provides authentication for every user or provider. An Hospital admin can create user/provider in OpenMRS admin module. Please refer Configure Users for more information. Once the provider is created, s/he can login to Bahmni EMR. User has to give correct username and password to authenticate successfully before accessing the system.

Where is it Used?

Every provider who wants to use the system will have to go through the login and authenticate themselves.


  • The authentication mechanism prevents from unauthorized people. This is first level of protection in the system. If any of the implementation wants to add additional protection then Bahmni provides Two Factor Authentication (2FA/TFA).
  • The initial provider password is set by the administrator. Post that, there is a change password feature to enable all the providers to change their password in Bahmni.


Bahmni Login

Provider Change Password

Change Password

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