Programs and Reports (Training)


  1. A Program is a feature that is typically used when a patient is identified as belonging to a group that needs regular consultations or interventions. For example, programs might be used for diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, or even conditions such as pregnancy or interventions such as childhood immunisation. These are situations that demand periodic monitoring to ensure that the patient is progressing on the right path. In this training, we will cover the Programs feature in Bahmni, how to configure workflows and perform Patient enrolment into Programs.
  2. Bahmni provides multiple options for Reports/Analytics: From out-of-the-box reports for common requirements to SQL reports to a secondary analytics database that can pull data from Bahmni and structure it in a reporting amenable (flat) format, etc. Reports are available in PDF, CSV and HTML format. In this training, we will learn about the generic and custom SQL reports, various configuration options available for the reporting app, Bahmni Mart, Metabase, etc.


  1. New Program Enrolment
    1. Configuring Programs
    2. Configure Program Outcome under a program (OpenMRS)
    3. Assigning workflows to the programs
    4. Config program attributes under new Program enrolment
  2. Reports App
    1. Config report app (app.json)
    2. Generic and custom SQL reports
    3. Vist/obs reports
    4. Obs form report
    5. Config Form builder report/ Program report
    6. Concatenation report detailed
    7. Lab result reports
  3. Bahmni Mart + Metabase Analytics tool

Training Video

Programs and Reports Training Video (1hr:42m)

Bahmni Mart and Metabase Training Video (1hr:02m)

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