Drug-o-gram / Chronic Treatment Chart Configuration


The drugogram, or the chronic treatment chart is a display that shows the current drug regimen of a patient enrolled into a treatment which involves a varying set of drugs over the course of the treatment.

For example, for the treatment of a disease like tuberculosis the patients are kept on a regimen of 4 or more drugs throughout the treatment duration. The dosage of these drugs and the drugs regimen itself is changed on the basis of the response that the patient has to a particular regimen. For instance if the patient is responding adversely to a drug, its dosage might be reduced or the drug might be stopped completely, conversely new drugs maybe added to the regimen of the patient. The drugogram is a composite display that shows all of these changes at a glance. 

The configuration for the same can be found here under Chronic Treatment Chart.

How does it work? 

When a drug is started the user sees a row for the date when the drug is started on the drugogram. The value in the cell for this drug on this row is the dose of the drug order. 

When a drug is stopped the cell on the row for the date when it is stopped (in the column for that drug) shows a STOP indication. Between the date when the drug is started and stopped all the cells must show the dosage of that drug. 

However, when a drug is stopped and then restarted on the same date with some new dose, the drugogram does not show a STOP indication.

Below is an example of a drugogram for a patient on 4 drugs, and one of them being stopped.

Some entries of drug orders are considered as errors. In such scenarios, an Error indication is displayed in the drugogram:

  • When two orders of the same drug are such that even one day in the orders overlaps, the drugogram an error in the column of that drug.
  • When a drug is started and then stopped at the same date the drugogram shows an error in the column of that drug.

Below is an screenshot an error when a drug is started and stopped on the same day.

When there is an error on one column, the other columns still show the correct information.

The user is expected to go to the medications tab and rectify the error in entry to remove error indication from the drugogram.

NOTE: When a drug is prescribed for a future date, the drug can be stopped only on today's date. This will not be indicated as an error on the drugogram, but an empty column will be there for that drug on the drugogram to indicate this.

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