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You can ask for help on OpenMRS Talk (Bahmni category). The team will respond to you there.

If you have a contractual support relationship with any implementation partner, then raise a request with partner's ticketing system.

If you want to contract implementation or support services, see

You can raise an issue with Bahmni for: 

  1. Production issues - For example, Software infrastructure, Bahmni product issues while using the application, Bahmni application not accessible etc
  2. Questions/clarifications - For example, like to how to use a module, how to configure a form etc. As a first option, please reach out to our community here. As a second option, raise a support request. 
  3. New Requirements - Features not available in Bahmni and you want us to develop. It is recommended to discuss it first on the Bahmni Community Channels, before raising a support request.

Process for raising an issue:

  1. Raise a new topic on OpenMRS Talk. Mark the topic with "Bahmni" as category, and tag it appropriately like "reports", "forms" etc. See here for more details on email forums
  2. You may also want to check out other communication tools and channels.
  3. Once you have discussed with the community, a issue card will be created on JIRA; you can raise a JIRA card yourself too. 

Tracking issue: 

  1. All issues are tracked in JIRA. Check this Issue Tracker (JIRA) link for more information. 
  2. If you have a JIRA account, then you may also track a certain issue. 

Reporting Security Issues

If the issue that you want to report is a security exploit, please do not disclose the details publicly, since that would tell attackers how to exploit Bahmni servers in the field/production. Please report any security vulnerabilities to (private list of long-time Bahmni developers). In the mail, try to provide a description of the issue and ideally a way of reproducing it. The security team will get back to you after assessing the description.

titleNo Private Communication

We request you to NOT reach out to individuals via Skype/Chat for any help. Please raise a request on OpenMRS Talk, or use the other channels, and we will respond to you ASAP. Logging via community channels help us track requests, and helps in quicker resolution in future for people struggling with similar issues.