Single editor for form event and control event


The user would like a complete view of all the form conditions written to date so that he/she can see all form conditions from a single screen.

  • New Add button added. on the Form Builder called 'Form Conditions'.

  • On click of the button open a popup which would have the following sections:

    • Form Event

    • Save Event

    • Control Events


  • Under form events have a text box, with the form event code pre-populated

  • The cancel button in the footer, when clicked should close the popup.

  • Under control events have subsection for each control that have control events, the heading of the section will be ‘ControlId:’<value of control id>' Name:'<Name of concept>'

  • The subsection should have a text box & with a control event for that control pre-populated

  • able to change the form condition, save condition, and control events that are visible on screen

  • have a dropdown for selecting new controls as per the mock, when the value is selected, that control with heading as ‘‘ControlId:’<value of control id>' Name:'<Name of concept>'’ and its editor should appear, the drop-down should no longer show that control/controls

  • Be able to remove the value in multi-select, by clicking a cross button against it.

  • Be able to remove a complete control editor by clicking 'X' icon against that control, when x is selected then that controls form event also gets deleted

  • When we click on save, all the edited/ newly added form/control/save events should be saved.

  • Hide the dropdown if no controls without form conditions are present

  • Rename select option to select control

  • Remove the element from the dropdown if selected.

  • Add the element back to dropdown if control removed.

Out of scope

  • When the form event/ control event is changed from multiple tabs, it will take only data on that tab.

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