Patient Queues & Observation Forms Configuration (Training)


  1. Bahmni provides the ability to define custom Patient Queues, for managing patients in OPD, IPD, Programs, etc. In this training, we cover how to configure these queues as per Hospital Requirements, for better streamlining patient load.
  2. Bahmni allows Providers to enter clinical data via Clinical Forms (called observation forms/templates), e.g Intake Form, Vitals Capture, Gynaecology, TB Screening Form etc. In this training, we will also learn how to design Observation Forms for capturing clinical data points. 


  1. Configuring Queues in clinical section (via Extensions, Search Handlers, OpenMRS properties)
  2. Configuring multi select app.json
  3. Using/Creating Observation forms (by editing OpenMRS Concepts)
  4. Form Conditions and Calculated Fields

This training video does not contain Form Builder for designing. See the Form Builder specific training for understanding how to design forms with Form Builder/Designer.

Training Video

Configuring Patient Queues & Observation Forms Training Video (2 hours)

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