Create a new Form

Purpose and Benefits

Form Builder provides an easy way to create a new form and add the controls which are required into it. This way is more convenient for an implementer to create a form than the standard way of using a JSON file.

Forms Directory

All the forms are saved in /home/bahmni/clinical_forms/ directory. The directory is set as a global property ''. Implementers can change the directory by updating the global property.


1. Go to Form Builder

Home Dashboard → Implementer Interface → Form Builder

Form builder dashboard

2. Create a New Form

Click on the Create a Form button and enter a name for the new form.

Create a form

3. Add Controls and Save the Form

Add some controls into the form. The new form will be given a version named "v1" automatically. After the form is saved, the publish button is enabled.

4. Publish the Form

Click on the publish button, the form will be published into the Bahmni app which means it can be used by the doctor. Once a form is published, it can only be edited directly. To edit a form after it is published, please refer to these steps.

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