Patient Documents

Purpose and Benefits

This feature is used to receive and capture patient's information in the form of documents (patient's paper record scans, X-Ray images and other external documents). Bahmni allows you to upload these documents and associating it to specific visits of a patient. All these documents get attached to a patient's record and are viewable from the Visit dashboard.


1. Go to Patient Documents

Click on Patient Documents on the Bahmni Home Page

Home Dashboard

2. Select a Patient 

Select or Search for a Patient.

3. Upload one or more documents

  • Upload one or more documents by clicking the "+" sign
  • Select a value to identify the document
    • For versions 0.90 or earlier, you have to specify a valid type. e.g. "Patient file" 
    • From version 0.91 onwards, the text box has been replaced with a dropdown. This dropdown contains members of concept "Patient Documents". Add the appropriate member concepts as per your implementation needs.
    • Regarding configuration of Patient Document types, see here
  • Click Save

0.90 and earlier

               0.91 and above

4. View uploaded documents

To see uploaded documents against a patient, one can go to Clinical → Dashboard → Visit Control → Visit Dashboard → Patient Files.

Or you can easily see it on the Sidebar in the Clinical app (when you click on the top right burger icon)

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