Patient Lists

About the Feature

This feature provides a list of patients registered at the facility with filtering capabilities. Using this list, the staff at the hospital can navigate to the Patient Dashboard to view and add clinical information for the patient. 

Where is it Used?

Patient lists are mainly used as springboards for viewing and capturing clinical information of the patient. Patient lists are supported in all modules in Bahmni, including Clinical, Program Management, In-Patient, Orders etc. These lists can be configured to be displayed either as tiles or as a list with configurable information per patient.


Patient Lists bring multiple benefits to the hospital staff -

  • A quick snapshot of patients in various categories, either as a tile or list view.
  • The tile view displays the patient picture, if the patient image has been captured in the registration module. If the patient is admitted, the tile view also displays an icon indicating the patient is admitted.
  • In the list view, a configurable of set of information for each patient can be displayed.
  • Additionally, the queues themselves are configurable, and can be setup based on different parameters. For example a list of all patients who have an active visit or all patients who have been sent to a particular department.


Patient List - Tile View


Patient List - List View

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