Retrospective Data Support

About the Feature

Bahmni allows users to enter data in "Retrospective Data mode”. This is extremely valuable for low-resource settings to support use-cases such as:

  1. Catch-up entry because of system/power/network failure.

  2. Cases where drug orders that the doctors have captured on paper have to be entered into the system.

Where is it Used?

The retrospective entry mode feature is currently supported only within the clinical app. 


  • Using the Retrospective Mode, data can be entered for a past date, which is useful in case of network/power failure.
  • It also can be recorded against a particular login location and against a specific provider/clinicians name in the event that a doctor's drug orders on paper have to be entered into Bahmni.


Patient Dashboard in Retrospective Data mode

The corner button displays the selected details and the title strip turns blue indicating Retrospective Data Mode

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