Appointment Scheduling

The Appointment Scheduling is available with release 0.90.

About the Feature

Appointment scheduling is an essential activity in many healthcare settings. Patients are often given appointments to meet providers and consequently access the requisite care and services. By scheduling appointments, healthcare settings try to manage the schedules of various providers and services offered and also in streamlining the patient load. The feature in Bahmni is aimed at helping the implementations with the same. 

Where is it used

Appointment Scheduling can be used across healthcare settings and across different departments within a healthcare setting. Few examples of scenarios where appointments are given for:

  1. General OPDs or Specialised OPD services like a Diabetic Clinic or a Dental clinic
  2. Particular providers coming only on specific days and times of the week 
  3. A service like X-ray or Ultrasound scan
  4. Surgery slots in Operation theaters etc


Below are some screenshots of the feature. You can find detailed steps on using the feature here.

  1. Home Page with the Appointment Scheduling App

2. Summary Page with patient loads across services

3. List View of Appointments with the Filter panel on left

3. Add new Appointment button 

4. Add New Appointment panel on the right

4. Calendar View of appointments with the filter closed

5. Status Change of appointments

                                       6. Appointments Custom Display Control in Patient Dashboard

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Implementation Details

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