Backup artifacts

About the Feature

Bahmni has different artifacts in the system like patient documents, patient images, DB data etc. There is a possibility that unwanted events may happen such as hard drive failure or data loss due to some wrong SQL (eg: delete sql) mistakenly run by an user. Bahmni as a product should provide mechanism to backup all the artifacts so that if any unwanted event happen then we should be able to recover from the backup so that business continue as usual at the earliest.

This backup mechanism takes care the following items.

  1. Patient images

  2. Document images

  3. Uploaded files

  4. Uploaded lab results

  5. PACS images

  6. Report module generated files by Queue feature

  7. MySQL databases

  8. Postgres databases

Where is it Used?

The backup tool can be automated using cron job. We can schedule as per our convenience. The backup generally scheduled at after work hours so that the disturbance be avoided.


The backup is important as damage can occur any time. We should schedule regular backup so that we can recover most recent data from backup. This helps to continue the operation at hospital at the earliest.

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